1. Look at the calendar and decide which day you would like to start your studies.

2. Decide which program you would like to register for.

3. Complete the IH Whistler registration form and send it to us via fax, mail or complete our online registration at Register Online. (read the IH Whistler policy handbook)

4. If you require assistance registering, please contact the IH Whistler office for the name of an authorized representative in your area.

5. The non-refundable registration fee and accommodation placement fee (if housing is required) are due at the time of registration.




Health insurance is extremely important for everyone to have when living in a foreign country. Medical care in Canada can be expensive without insurance. Therefore, IH Whistler requires all students to have a medical plan. If students do not have medical insurance from their home country, it can be applied for through IH Whistler at the time of registration.



Before you register, please check the Canadian Visa requirements for your country at your nearest Canadian Embassy/Consulate. In most cases, you will require a Study Permit for study terms of 6 months or longer. If you are planning to study for six months or less, you may do so with Temporary Resident status as a visitor or a Working Holiday Visa.


Study Permits can take up to 2 months to process so you should allow for this time when you register. In order to obtain a Study Permit, you will need a Letter of Acceptance from us. In some countries, you will also need proof of payment and a medical check-up before you are granted a visa.

If you wish to extend your visa while in Canada, our counselors will assist you in doing so.
If you wish to travel to the U.S.A. while you are here, we recommend that you apply for your U.S. Travel Visa before coming to Canada. To obtain more information about visas and permits for Canada, please contact the nearest Canadian Embassy or consulate or view the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website at www.cic.gc.ca.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding your registration, please contact us.