- IH Whistler  (updated: 2018)

- IH Vancouver   (updated: 2018)

- IH San Diego   (updated: 2018)




Registration forms and price lists

- IH Whistler 2018 (Registration Form, Prices, Dates and Terms)

- Fees and Dates 2018

- IH Whistler 2019 (Registration Form, Prices, Dates and Terms)

- Fees and Dates 2019

- IH Vancouver

- IH San Diego


To access the Portable Document Format (PDF) version you must have a PDF reader installed.

Once the download has completed, you can see the fillable PDF form on your screen.
Before you complete the form, please save the PDF file to your computer by following these steps.  
 1. Scroll to the bottom right of the screen.
 2. Place your cursor on the diskette icon and click it to save the PDF file.
 3. Complete the form and save the file again.
 4. Please email saved file to info@ihsandiego.com.