About the school


Want more from a school than traditional classrooms and text books? International House Whistler is the place for you!  IH Whistler provides a window on Canadian culture, with ready access to nature and world-class outdoor activities.

Located in North America’s #1 resort community, IH Whistler offers students educational choices that range from General English and Test Preparation to Environmental Studies programs. Play hard, study hard. Come and discover Whistler!


About Whistler


Whistler is located 123 km (75 miles) north of Vancouver in the beautiful Coast Mountains of Western Canada. Small and friendly with an international feel, Whistler is a wonderful place study and play at any time of year.The amazing natural environment and world-class cultural and recreational events give the village a unique energy making it an ideal place to study English and enjoy the outdoors!


After classes, IH Whistler students can enjoy world-class cuisine or a BBQ at a pristine mountain lake. Famous for its skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking and extreme sports (Whistler’s downhill bike park is the world’s largest!), Whistler offers recreation and activities to suit all tastes and ages. Come and enjoy a diverse, year-round arts and music scene, live theatre, festivals, concerts, art galleries, film, and photography shows, live bands and DJ’s. Whistler delivers!