"Whistler is an amazing place to learn English, between the school and activities. All of the staff in the school is really nice and available and all of the activities are fun and in a beautiful landscape."


Justine, Switzerland

Studied from June - November 2015




"I made a lot of friends who came from various countries. IH has many activities such as hiking, biking and ziplining so I had lots of experiences. If you want to get priceless experiences, come to IH in Whistler!"


Yunhee, South Korea

Studied from May - September, 2015




"If you want to go biking, skiing and learn English at the same time, IH Whistler is the perfect place! Students are from all over the world, so you can learn a lot about other cultures. The teachers are awesome and school is well-located."


Julien, Switzerland

Studied from May - July, 2013 & July - August, 2015




"IH Whistler is the best way to learn English in the best place ever with amazing people and amazing staff at school. The school activities are really cool and Whistler is too!"


Vivien, France

Studied from January - July, 2015





"I liked speaking English to teachers and friends at IH Whistler and I liked participating in IH Whistler activities. It was awesome snowboarding with the other students at the school."


Ku-Yuan, Taiwan

Studied from January - May, 2015





"Just awesome!  You can make a lot of friends easily and have a great time with them. IH is next to the lifts up the mountains so it is the best way to learn English and enjoy outdoor activities in the same place. It was an amazing time in my life!"


Hana, Czech Republic

Studied from November 2014 - April 2015




"I had the opportunity to go to IH Whistler for a week and I was able to improve my English quickly. The school is run with passion by the whole team. It’s such a great place for everything! If you love sports or partying and want to live the real Canadian life, go to IH Whistler, you won’t be disappointed!"


Marie, France (retired Olympic ski racer)

Studied in April, 2015



"I had such a great time in Canada with all students from IH Whistler. What I really appreciated was the welcoming atmosphere and the great connection to the slopes. It was so much fun and I learned a lot during my time in school. I Hope to see everybody again in the future."


Eric, Germany

Studied from January - March, 2015



"Studying at IH Whistler is the best way to learn English and make the most of your winter. Lessons are interesting and fun, staff is great and meeting people from all over the world makes being in Whistler an unforgettable experience. I repeated!"


Mariona, Spain

Studied from February - April, 2012 & January - February, 2015



"IH Whistler is an outstanding place to improve English in a familiar atmosphere. You'll get to talk a lot in class and at during activities. Everyone is very kind and helpful. At the end you'll have a lot of new friends all over the world."


Felix, Germany

Studied from December 2014 - February 2015




"IH Whistler was an awesome experience. It has the ideal atmosphere to meet lots of friends from around the world and to enjoy the Canadian mountains. I learnt some useful English, too!"


Javi, Spain

Studied from December 2014 - February 2015





"I think choosing IH Whistler as the school for my exchange was one of the best ideas I have ever had. As the school is pretty small I got to really know everyone, included the teachers, very easily and because we all share the same interests we all got along really well. The school is located directly next to the gondola station which made it problem-free to experience the stunning landscapes, go on trips and get to know the chilled and friendly mood of the village while studying English. What was more; IH Whistler organized plenty of activities we could join such as hikes, river-rafting and even playing paintball. There was not one thing I could have wanted to do left out. Also I must mention that living in the student house made my whole stay even better! Passing time with people sharing the same opinions and interests makes it unforgettable. The friends I made in Whistler will remain forever, mostly because we all shared an unforgettable and awesome time!"


Valentina, Switzerland

Studied from September - December, 2014



"I know I made the best choice choosing Whistler. There are kind people, beautiful mountains and a peaceful village. Everyone in Whistler always smiles and looks happy! I had a wonderful time in Whistler with IH students and teachers. Thanks to them I improved my English speaking skills. Life in the student house was especially good to exchange English and other cultures. I have a dream to visit all of my IH friends in the world in the future."


Nozomi, Japan

Studied from September - November, 2013



"I loved studying at IH Whistler. Everyone was so friendly and the staff helped me a lot! Whistler is the perfect place to bike, snowboard and study. I want to come back soon!"


Thiago, Brazil

Studied from July - November 2013





"I have been studying English at IH Whistler since 2009 and I still love it. The teachers are all very friendly and I have met people from all over the world. The activities here are amazing! I especially love kayaking, hiking, cross-country skiing and cleaning the lounge after lunch."


Tucker, Doggyland

Studied from October 2009 - present