Student Voices

  • Janik Joos / Switzerland
  • Course: Winter English Part-time

Hey my name is Janik. I’m from Switzerland, and I chose Whistler because I heard it is awesome to snowboarding.

In the winter, our classes rotate between morning and afternoon class. So if I got morning class I can go to “The Bounce”, or if I got afternoon class I can catch the powder in the morning. Right now we are at “The Bounce” that’s where we go to just bounce around. After school we like to party. Right now we are playing a game we learned here. It is called Flip Cups. Uhh, I’m gonna go play. See ya

  • Lucia Martinez / Spain
  • Course : Summer English - Full-time

My name is Lucia and I am from Spain. I love Whistler because the weekends you can see beautiful places like this. I came to IH to improve my English before getting a job because now I am going to start looking for a job. I think Whistler is a great place to work and play at listening time.

What I like about the student house is that we have the lake 5 minutes away. In the evening we like to hang out together and have a barbeque. Cheers!